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~Expressing Grace Through the Art and Beauty of Dance~ 


FGSD is a dance studio that provides an encouraging atmosphere giving you or your child more then just physical training; A place for you/your child to comfortably grow in determination and strength.


 More explanation:

 FGSD knows the benefits and joys of dance. It provides exercise, balance, good posture, toned muscles, strength, gracefulness, self-esteem, determination and coordination... the list could go on! Dance gives children a positive outlet to develop their motor skills and creativity. Also dance isn't just for "dancers"; It can also help athletes gain skills to help in their professional sports.

  We believe that grace can flow through every aspect of life, especially if it is God-given. Our goal is not only to teach our students the technique of dance but as an individual they have importance and value. It fulfills us as teachers to see our students developing a passion for dance and life.


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