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Ashley Marcum (Artistic Director)



 Dance Beginning: I began dance at the age of 12. The first studio was Janet Carleton's School of Dance. (Janet was a former Cincinnati Ballet Mistress.) After realizing this was my passion I joined Cincinnati (Ballet) Otto M. Budig Academy. For six years I studied dance under these two studios with Janet Carleton, Patrick Notaro, Daniel Simmons, Nancy Fountain, and many others. I danced many performances at Music Hall and Arnoff with Cincinnati Ballet. I was on the pre professional track taking five-six classes each week to. My studies also included summer long intensives where we trained for 5-7 hours a day. My love for dancing kept growing. In the summer of 2002 I traveled to Mississippi and trained with Ballet Magnificat under Kathy Thibodeaux (founder of Ballet Magnificat), Jiri Voborsky, John Vandervelde, Sol Nazario and other company members.

 I thank the Lord for giving me this desire and ability to dance and opportunity to grow in it. 
Experience: Classical Ballet, Pointe, and partnering were the core of my training, but some of the other kinds of dancing I have done:  classical variations, modern, contemporary, jazz, flamingo, tap, yoga, Pilates, improvisation and interpretation. My most current performances and dancing have been with - Miami Valley Ballet Theatre and several dance projects/performances with Demetrius Kline. 

  Dance Teaching: I began teaching dance in Oxford in 2003, took ownership in 2007 with Angela Brooks. In January 2014 I became a sole owner of Flowing Grace School of Dance.
   I have also taught short programs for gymnastic teams, plays, summer programs, VBS and Home school Coop's. It has overall been a wonderful journey developing skills and becoming an Artistic Director. Over the last 20 years as an Artistic Director Ashley has choreographed over 800 dances in about 50 full productions working with 1000s of dancers of all ages.

My Goals: Molding  dancers into their ability and expression while helping them gain confidence through encouraging corrections. Helping them to push for new goals. Passing on the ability to express and create through movement what sometimes our hearts pen up inside. Challenging dancers to be DETERMINED and Tenacious, not giving up on themselves, as working hard has deep rewards; not just in dancing but for many aspects of life.  I eagerly watch with excitement for each of our students as they pursue their dreams. Flowing Grace School of Dance is delighted to be dancing with you and/or your children. Thank you for being apart of this adventure and blessing!

Ashley's time aside from the studio is spent with her family of 6 children (3 daughters and 3 son). She lives on a little farm/homestead greatly enjoying outdoors, soaking up sunshine, and exploring nature with her children. She is an artist of many forms including being a musician (singing, piano and drums), painting, photography, wood crafting, and artistic design in home renovation.  















Lisa Garrison Hoelle
Lisa (Garrison) Hoelle began her dance training at a very young age at her mother's dance school called Darla's Dance Studio. She also took additional classes at Deweese Academy of Arts, Marilyn & Dennis Gymnastics, Tri-County Gymnastics & clogging with Laura Garcia. 
In high school Lisa performed as a drill team member "Cadette" for Northwest High School as well as for Tri-County Players Community Theater group. 
Lisa attended Miami University and received her Associate Degree in Arts.  While at Miami she was a member & performed with Miami Universities dance company called Dance Theatre. 
Through the years as a student & teacher Lisa has attended many master conventions & workshops, as well as, took additional classes at Broadway Dance Center, Dance Space and Martha Graham Dance School in NYC. 
Lisa has also attended dance teachers training & received her certification for teaching with Dance Educators of America. 
In 1989 Lisa opened her own studio called The Dance Academy which she operated for 20 years.
In 2009 there were some  major changes for her family when her nephew was in a bad car accident that resulted in him having a traumatic brain injury. So after much thought she decided it was time to close the studio so she could become his home health aide to help him during his recovery. Lisa also married her husband Rick during this season of her life.  
Besides running her own studio Lisa has also taugh at the following: Darla's Dance Studio (her mothers studio), Deweese Academy of Arts, Sinclair College, A Step Ahead,  Flowing Grace School of Dance, two elementary school dance programs and choreographed for local high school musicals and community theater groups.        
Among Lisas acheivements; while owning her studio she started with her mother Dance Line Express. Lisa's students & her competition team have won numerous high point overall awards, entertainment awards, titles  & special judges awards. 
Several of Lisa's dancers have gone on to perform in college, professionally in the US & London, as well as, some becoming dance teachers and studio owners. 
In 2013 Lisa's nephew was doing well enough in his recovery that she no longer needed to be his home health aide so she has been very excited to get back to doing more teaching again so she can pass her love of dance to the next generation of dancers. 
When Lisa is not teaching dance she works as a caregiver for the elderly and enjoys spending time with her husband, family & friend's.  







Joelah Grace Marcum




I am the eldest daughter of Ashley Marcum. I’ve been dancing here at Flowing Grace School of Dance ever since I was three years old. I have many years of experience in Ballet; several in Tap, Jazz, Modern, and Contemporary. All dance inspires me, though ballet has definitely been the foundation for the forms of dance I have pursued.


Throughout the years I have seen how dance refines people. For me personally it has shown me the value of perseverance, encouragement, and commitment. Even as a little girl I remember dance bringing me joy, and as I have grown older it has continued to be an outlet for artistic expression. Dance isn’t about who’s the most flexible, strong, or capable. Dance is about encouraging one another and having fun. I am very excited to grow into teaching to others what has been taught to me.

Evalyn Rose Marcum

I am Ashley Marcums second oldest daughter. She tells me I have been dancing with Flowing Grace School of dance since I was in her belly! Or technically since three years old. I have 12 years of experience in ballet, and many in tap, Jazz, and contemporary. Though I love all dance. Ballet is what I love most, and is where I have always felt most expressive.


I have always loved and had such a passion for dance as long as I can remember. Ive been assisting my Mom teaching for the past three years. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been able to have through dance. It gives me so much joy to see how dance can impact everyone around me also. I hope that I may be able to share what a joy it is to dance as I start teaching, and that I can show others that dance is more then being perfect at every step, but it is expressing yourself and having fun by enjoying every bit of it while encouraging each other every step of the way.

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