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Creative Movement, ages 3-5: 
Our focus for our littlest dancers begins with coordination and awareness of their bodies. The class involves stretches, simple ballet positions, introductory ballet steps, and musical awareness. Our highlight for class is the “Surprise Box” time where we encourage them to dance with different props using their own expression and reviewing of what they’ve learned. We use different forms of creativity in our engaging class structure, including dancing games, stories and fun imagination improv. 

Pre Ballet/Kids Dance Combo (see below for more), ages 5-7:
Pre Ballet is an extension of Creative Movement.  We work on more advanced ballet steps, positions, better poise and strength. This class prepares them for a more structured Ballet I class. 

(Ballet) Level I, ages 6-9
Our dancers in Ballet 1 develop stronger ballet technique and development of the ballet terminology. We focus strengthening their positions and poise and critiquing the execution of steps and movement. Most of our students in this class have already had a year or two of dance experience but we do encourage  beginners in this age range. We also try to harbor a very encouraging atmosphere for dancers to grow in. At this age dancers often find out whether the have the determination to be a dancer.

(Ballet) Level II, ages (approx) 9-11
The focus for our Ballet II dancers is to continue their development of strength and technique but to also find their own individual strengths and work through their individual weaknesses. We do seek committed students at this age as ballet is a beautiful art that requires determination at this level. Dancers at this level may be invited into the DOT program.

(Ballet) Level III, ages (approx)11-14
At this level, the instruction is focused more on perfecting the technique they have been taught. We concentrate on toning the muscles and defining the body placements. We continue to encourage this group to own their dancing, to feel the music and the steps as an expression of themselves. The dancers advance to a more performance level mindset and ability. Pointe preparation is also a focus at level 3. If a dancer has reached the requirements they will progress to pointe at levels 3 and 4. 

(Ballet) Level IV, ages (approx) 14-18
Continued development of expression and strength . More advanced technique is introduced and perfected. Pointe work is also developed to the dancers ability. Training at this level also seeks out each individuals desires to what they want to do with their future and their dancing talent. Some of our dancers have sought out dance degrees or have taken their training to the world of Theatre.

Adult Ballet, ages 18+
We encourage adults with either beginner or advanced dance experience. It is never too late to enjoy dance! Our adult class is a balance of challenge and grace. We love to encourage you in your current dance skill but also seek to press you to a new level of ability (just let us know your desired level). Don't worry about competition, the class is structure to help you feel your best as a dancer within your own limits. Our hope is that it will be an outlet for you to strengthen your mind and muscles, and refreshing get away to just enjoy yourself!

Kids Dance Combo Class (formally called Pre Ballet), ages 5-8


*Kids Dance Combo for ages 5-8!!! This new class is for those who want to try a little more "jumping" dynamics. Kids Dance Combo will have ballet as a base. Know that ballet is so essential as a strong base for all dance forms. Skills gained in ballet structure are essential for rounded technique in all dances forms, which is why I am passionate about keeping ballet as a base for ALL my dancers. With this class we will also branch into contemporary, Jazz, celtic, and pop from 50s, 60s 70s 80s... etc. All around fun expression and dancing!  

Jazz, ages 12-18
Jazz is for the dancer who prefers expression that is little more upbeat or snappy. We will work on basic steps and technique as well as discover different styles. The origins of Jazz come from African, South and Central American dance, and represent a convergence of cultures. They focus on rhythms, creativity, improvisation, and expression.

Tap, ages 3-adult
Tap is for the dancer who likes to make some noise! The classes are tailored to the students depending on their individual level. The coordination learned in the precise foot movement of tap has been know to help improve footwork for other sports as well!

Contemporary, ages 8-adult

Contemporary is an expression of dance through a fluid of movement. It fuses several different genres of dance (ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern) but without the rigid format of some of those dance styles. Contemporary seeks to connect your mind and body with the self interpretation of the music. The levels of dance focus more on playing off of other dancers moves and incorporate a lot more floor work. Contemporary is also inspired by various concepts and seeks to translate current day culture.



*OPEN classes of Jazz/MT, Ballet or Tap; teens-adults

Are you wanting to try dance for the first time and feeling intimidated about it? Do you want to dance but have a crazy busy schedule and need a class that allows flexible attendance? Good news, the "open" classes are for you! You can attend regularly or if you need to miss a class here and there, the pressure is off! Please purchase a 6 class card to use at your pace ($80). (We do ask that you have one year of dancing experience for the Open Jazz.)


Boys are welcome too!

 Young gentlemen can greatly enjoy dance and be expressively artistic too! The benifit from developing corrdination, musicality and strength through the form of dance is unmeasurable. It helps their corridination and strength for sports too. Hard work pays off when it comes to persisting through a dance class. Young men, come join us and see how much fun you can have by putting your energy to a musical beat!

Why focus so much on ballet? Did you know that ballet is the strongest foundation for all dance? The movement, coordination and technique learned in ballet helps the dancer form the strongest base for all dance forms learned thereafter. Not only is ballet great for the base of all dancing it is also super beneficial in the development of the brain and body. To develop any level of determination is a beneficial pursuit and ballet is highly known to connect all the aspects of muscle, memory, coordination in a steady way for a developing mind and body. I (Ashley) have witnessed for the past 25 years the benefits of ballet and the way it improves ones strength and confidence (when taught in a supporting and encouraging atmosphere). I could go on and on as I love dance SO much but ballet will always be my base and my foundation in my technical teaching.


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