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Dancers Of Tenacity

 Our D.O.T. Program is an incentive program designed for our students who are committed and determined in their dancing. We want to encourage our young dancers to try their very best and be determined at developing their skills as a dancer. Much dedication and detemination is required to fully experience all that this art form has to offer. This program helps dancers obtain tenacity and use their abilities in various performance opportunities.
 To become a D.O.T.  students must attend classes regularly (2-3 times a week). They must apply corrections to the best of their ability. Also they must display determination and be encouraging to themselves and their class mates. This includes verbally applying knowledge of technique and answering questions in class. Students are invited into the program by Ashley after they have met these requirements and show consistency and dedication to dance and the studio.

 D.O.T. (s) meet once a month to work on choreography for the program. These various styles and dance pieces are then performed before the community at special opportunities/performances. This gives the DOTs performance experience among a varied audience and the opportunity to serve their community using their talents for the enjoyment of others.  

* If you  have a venue for our DOTs to perform at please inquire through email about a possible performance!

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